Jasper's First Baptist Church
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Shawn Gillott



What does your ministry involve?

I have the privilege of serving the families and children here at Jasper’s First Baptist Church.  Nursery thru fifth grade has a special place in our ministry.  I love sharing the love of Jesus with our little ones and watching how their love grows throughout grade school.  Whether through song, special activities or teaching bible lessons that most of us grew up learning. 

What is your passion/goal for your ministry?

My goal is to be a servant to the families in Jasper and the neighboring areas with young children.  The Christian values of our families are being questioned and redefined by mainstream media.  I want to love and be supportive to all the families who are trying to remain truthful to the message Jesus gave us.  We also have an obligation to serve the children who may not have this Christian support at home.

“Let the little children come to me…”  Matt 19:14


How long have your been involved here?

My husband, Steve, and I started attending Jasper’s First Baptist Church in 2000 along with our children.  


What attracted you the Jasper’s First Baptist Church?

Chandler, our oldest, was enrolled at the weekday preschool program.  We knew we wanted to be involved in Jasper’s First Baptist Church after seeing how God was using this program as an outreach for His Glory. 


Tell us about your family.

Steve and I are both from Jasper and graduated from Walker High School in 1984.  We have been happily married for 25 years.  We have also been blessed with four amazing children.  Chandler, Matthew, Adam and Elizabeth are all involved in ministry activities.  Steve and our children are my support and greatest encouragers!


What is your preparation and background for ministry?

Since the birth of Chandler, 17 years ago, I have been involved in preschool and children’s ministry.  Teaching Sunday school, mission friends, preschool choir, King’s kids, Children’s Church, VBS leader and director all have helped show me how God wishes to use me for His glory.   I pray that I will continue to grow and learn through His love. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of church?

All who know me well know this is a very easy question to answer…..READING!  I have tried many hobbies and outdoor activities but always end up with a book in my hand.  This is a gift my parents have given me, my love for the written word.