The adult ministries at Jasper’s First Baptist center on a balanced program of involvement, fellowship and service. Sunday Bible study classes are the heart of the adult program. We have classes for every age group. Through small group Bible study you will develop a caring fellowship and build relationships that will minister to you while you grow in God’s Word.
Stop by our Welcome Center in the main lobby and someone will be happy to assist you in finding a group.
Join us this fall on Sunday evenings as we study the book of Joshua
The book of Joshua continues the history of the children of Israel where it left off in Deuteronomy.  This book has the same relationship to the Pentateuch as the Acts of the Apostles has to the four Gospels.  We find the fulfillment of the expectations of the patriarchs and the promises made to them, the march out of Egypt, the discipline of the wilderness and the anticipated occupation of Canaan.