JFBC Kids Ministry

JFBC Kids Ministry

Preschool & Children’s Sunday School

Infant / Bed Babies  Preschool Hall Nursery Room 114
Teachers: Becky Lay, Marci Pilling, Tami Werner
Creepers / Toddlers (24 mos)  
Preschool Hall Nursery Room 115
Teachers: Anne Murray, Hailey Chamness
2 and 3yr olds  Preschool Hall Room 102
Teachers: Cindy Matthews and Gail McDonald
PreK – Kindergarten  Preschool Hall Room 104
Teachers: Allan and AJ Jarman
1st & 2nd grades  Preschool Hall Room 110
Teacher: Pinkie Watts
3rd grade  Preschool Hall Room 112
Teachers: Gwendy and Boots Martin
4th, 5th & 6th grades  3rd Floor Room S-301
Teachers: Mary and Ed Sanders, Noah Runyan


M&M (Music & Missions) on Wednesdays at 5:30pm

(School-year Schedule)

Wee Singers, Preschool Choir and (5:30 pm)

Each Wednesday night, during the school year, at 5:30 children ages 3-6th graders gather for a fun time of worship, music and games. Lead by a wonderful team of loving and caring and nurturing adults, our children are lead to gain a new appreciation for music and how it can help us worship the Lord, Jesus Christ. A snack supper is served at 5:00 in the Fellowship Hall for those who don’t have time to go home before choir begins.
Preschool Choir (2s, 3s & 4s)  Preschool Hall Nursery Room 102
Teachers: Bethany Bustamante & Phyllis Dute
Children’s Choir (K5-6th graders)  Room 208
Teachers: Wendy Dobbs, Ann Trotter, Russ Runyan, Sherry Williams, Kyle Cooper, Sheila Stripling, Kristie Frazier

 Mission Friends, GAs and RAs (6:15 pm)

Each Wednesday night, during the school year, at 6:15 pm following kids’ choirs, the kids meet in groups to learn about North American and International missions.  Mission Friends is for our Preschoolers. GAs is for girls in 1st-6th grades. RAs is for boys in 1st-6th grades. 
Mission Friends (2yrs-K5)  Preschool Hall Nursery Room 105
Teachers: Kandy Rhodes
Girls in Action (GA’s) (1st-2nd graders)  Preschool Hall Nursery Room 110
Teachers: Candie Hagler
Girls in Action (GA’s) (3rd-6th graders)  Preschool Hall Nursery Room 112
Teachers: Jessica Fletcher, Katie Oliver
Royal Ambassadors (RA’s) (1st-6th graders)  Family Life Center / Fireside Room
Teachers: Jake Sanders, Keith Vanzant, Carlton Hagler, Allan Jarman

Grades 2-6

July 1-5, 2024

Linden Valley, TN