What does your ministry involve?
Our ministry here in Jasper involves 7th through 12th grade students, as well as their families. While our primary reach is teenagers, we also want to minister to their families as well. The stronger the family is rooted in Jesus, the better chances the students will have a faith that lasts.
What is your passion/goal for your ministry?
My passion is to see middle, high, and college students come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. One of my favorite parts of ministry is seeing a student begin to take their faith seriously, and put Jesus as the main priority in their lives! My goal for this ministry is to reach as many students as possible with the gospel of Christ, and to help develop Christ followers into leaders of the church. I want the JFBC students to be passionate about sharing their faith with friends, and growing closer to the Lord. I want the city of Jasper to know our ministry as a shining light that truly lives out Acts 1:8! We also want to create a community through fellowship in our student group so strong, that they will NOT want to miss the opportunity to see their brothers and sisters in Christ at church.
What attracted you to Jasper’s First Baptist Church?
I love the local charm that Jasper brings to their town. Being able to go to a business that remembers who you are and truly makes you feel welcome is very special. I believe that same sentiment applies to our church body here at JFBC! The congregation here has been so welcoming, supportive, and loving! They have truly made me feel at “home”, and have given me the immediate feeling of “family” that churches should to their members.   I also love a church that happens to be so close to beautiful Smith Lake!!
What is your preparation and background for ministry?
I grew up in a Southern Baptist church in Oxford, AL, but didn’t become a believer until I was 24 years of age. As soon as the Lord saved me, I felt a call to ministry and began to serve at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa. There I began my training in ministry, serving in capacities such as volunteer, Sunday school teacher, intern, and then Associate Student Pastor. I then moved to Louisiana to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where I spent two years studying there in pursuit of a Masters of Divinity. Possibly even greater than classroom work, living in New Orleans stretched me both as a person and as a follower of Christ. God moved in my life in big ways there, as I was out of my comfort “bubble” and more dependent on Him than ever before. My time in New Orleans truly prepared me in many ways, and I continue that education (online) to finish what God started there!
What do you enjoy doing outside of church?
I love the outdoors, so living near the Sipsey Wilderness and Smith Lake have been an adventure for me! I also love sports, with allegiances to the University of Alabama, the University of Texas, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and Houston Astros. When playing sports, I love golf and the game of basketball. I’ve played golf since I was young, and have always enjoyed that challenge, as well as just getting to be outside! As for basketball, I love to play with students! Outside of teaching them in Scripture, I love to educate them in hoops by humbling them on the court! Sadly, much as that has been in my dreams as students are constantly humbling me on the basketball court. Another passion for me is movies, as I have always loved going to a good movie. Plus, I’m just a big nerd.  My favorites are Jurassic Park, the Star Wars saga, Marvel movies, and the Lion King.