Sunday School at JFBC

Sunday Mornings at 9 am

Classes for All Ages!

We believe that Sunday School is the best place for our church to carry out the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is not separate from the church, but it is a vital part of our ministry here at JFBC. It is effective in Reaching People, Teaching People, Winning People and Caring for People in the name of Jesus.
Our Sunday School classes offer the opportunity for inclusion in a small and inviting Christian environment; providing a place to serve, be served and be counted. All classes function in an open discussion format. Individual participation is welcomed and encouraged – but is not required.

Preschool & Children Sunday School Classes

Infant / Bed Babies
Preschool Hall Nursery Room 114
Teachers: Becky Lay, Marci Pilling,
Tami Werner
Creepers / Toddlers (24 mos)
Preschool Hall Nursery Room 115
Teachers: Anne Murray, Hailey Chamness
2 and 3yr olds
Preschool Hall Room 102
Teachers: Cindy Matthews
and Gail McDonald
PreK – Kindergarten
Preschool Hall Room 104
Teachers: Allan and AJ Jarman
1st & 2nd grades
Preschool Hall Room 110
Teachers: Pinkie Watts
3rd grade
Preschool Hall Room 112
Teachers: Gwendy and Boots Martin
4th, 5th & 6th grades
3rd Floor Room S-301
Teachers: Mary and Ed Sanders, 
Noah Runyan

Youth Sunday School Classes – STUDENT CENTER

Justin Wood, Student Minister
Junior High Girls
Teachers: Scarlett Braddock & Tina McKenzie
Senior High Girls
Teachers: Katie Oliver & Wendy Dobbs
7th-12th Grade Boys
Teacher: Dorman Grace

Adult Sunday School Classes


Teacher: Vicki Howard
Room E-208 (2nd Floor)
All Ages
SELAH: Showing Encouragement and Love with Abundant Hope
Teacher: Sandy Howell
Fellowship Hall Room 101
All Ages
Teacher: Terah Sherer
Room E-207 (2nd Floor)
Senior Adult Ladies


Teacher: Rodney McCoy
Fellowship Hall Room 104
Age 50+
Center for Steve Byars Scholarship Fund
Selective Teachers
 Room E-206 (2nd Floor)
Age 60+
Different class members volunteer to lead the class each week
Teacher: Charles Matthews
Room S-205 (2nd Floor)
All Ages


Teacher: Laura Kennedy
Room F-211
All Ages
Teachers: Holly & Erick Rivers
Teachers: Linda & Russ Runyan
Room S-304
All Ages
Teacher: Jim Wilson
Family Life Center
All Ages
Teachers: Mitsy & Greg Reed
Room F-209 (Choir Suite Hall)
All Ages
Teachers: Gari Leigh & Chuck Minor
Room E-307 (3rd Floor)
Ages 30-50
Focus: Prayer, Discussion & Application
Teacher: Rob East
Family Life Center – Middle Room
Ages 50+
Teacher: Mark Keller
Fellowship Hall
Ages 60+
“Walking Together in Discipleship”
Teacher: Ivan Chisolm
Room F-209A (Choir Suite Hall)
Retired Couples
Teachers: Larry & Janeth Elliott
Senior Adults
“Caring, Loving and Intentional”